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This is the 2nd album from gottahavesoul Records' boss, Dr. J and marks an evolution of his sound, drawing from a more mature palate to shape his sonic creations. This collection of tracks written over just under 2 years draws on themes such as sacrifice, perseverance, power, romance and the battles of life - all in the context of making the response to these situations worship.

Featuring the broken beat opener "Lanterns", bass-laden "The Illusion of Control" (featuring spoken word artist and label-mate Anne-Marie Jane), and operatic vibes on "When the Morning Comes" (with a standout performance from the masterful Pauline Keidel), "Surrender" showcases a variety of styles and blends genres to reflect Dr. J's listening and progression in the years since 2012's "Perspective".

This album represents the struggle and the triumph that comes with letting Jesus be Lord in every area of life.


released December 1, 2014

Vocals on Don’t Let Go: I. Spearman BV’s: I. Spearman & J. Piper
Additional drums on Dunamis: K. J. Sawka
Spoken word on The Illusion of Control: A. M. Powell Vocals: J. Piper
Vocals on Numbered Days: I. Alimi & J. Piper
Voices on Hold Your Peace: A. Edmund, R. Roberts, I. Spearman, I. Alimi & J. Piper
Vocals on When the Morning Comes: P. Keidel
Noises on Surrender provided joyfully by Lily

This has to be my most international release to date and I owe thanks to a host of people for bringing the vision of this work to life, not least: Iman, Anne-Marie, Pauline, Itunu, Alicia, Rebecca, and Lily for their marvellous contributions. I am in your debt! Mum & Dad (Maschine was the wonderful birthday gift that kick-started all of this) and many others who have encouraged my beatmaking over the years!

Special thanks to Chris Juby, Sam Poch, Sam Fowler, Ronell de Klerk and others who lent me their seasoned ears for this project on numerous occasions, it really is richer for it. Love to Jake (Eryll) for abiding Numbered Days for hours into the night in Marienrachdorf!

Thanks to those who have shown support online and in person – it’s wonderful to have people to share this with. I hope that you enjoy it!

Finally, thanks to Jesus to whom I owe my life, every good gift and the grace to share them with you all.

Written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in London, Gosport, Selters, Aberdeen, Toronto, Cluj-Napoca and Basel.

All tracks written, arranged and produced by J. Piper except track 3, written by J. Piper & I. Spearman, track 5 written by J. Piper and A. M. Powell and track 11, written by J. Piper & P. Keidel. All tracks ℗ & © 2014 gottahavesoul Recordings. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Dr. J UK

There's only one rule when it comes to music I make or play. It's gotta have soul.

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Track Name: Lanterns
I’m asking you to come and take my hand
And share this moment with me
It won’t be long before you understand
That what we have is beautiful
Ours is a story let each page unfold
In its own sweet time
Don’t have to worry, let the truth be told
He’s got our whole world in His hands


Walls have come
Crashing down
What lies ahead
Comes with the crown
Don't you look back now
We have far to go
But it's all the sweeter with you
Hold my hand
It's time to go
Many more blockades
Are yet to fall
So together we
Will run this race
Can you hear what I'm saying to you?

The path is narrow up ahead of us
There's not a second to lose
We may have reached a place of confluence
But what we need is harmony
Now I'm not asking for an oak tree overnight
We'll surely reap what we've sown
The only vision fit to hold our gaze
The One who Was and Is and Is to come

Chorus (x2)


As the night falls around us we draw
Close to You on our way
Made of three cords/and moving forward
We won't be broken easily
Our light burns bright
Cos perfect love puts fear to flight
Deep in the dark we'll trust in You
So we will shine like
The lanterns lit at dusk tonight
Wayfaring in the joy you bring
Track Name: Don't Let Go (feat. Mira)
I know it feels like
The world's spinning too fast
The pressure keeps building
Can't stay on your feet

But decidedly fixed
Is this love that bears the weight
A certainty of relief


Peace, my peace I leave for you
Don't let go
You're sure to find
Unending light

Peace, my peace I leave for you
Breathe it in
You're sure to find
Unending light


Don't let go,
You know you've come so far
Don't give up now
The truth you know will set you free
Don't run away

Sorrow might feel like
A friend in the night-time
The pressure keeps building
Can't stay on your feet

But decidedly fixed
Is this love that bears the weight
A certainty of relief

Peace, my peace I leave for you
Don't let go
You're sure to find
Unending light

Peace, my peace I leave for you
Breathe it in
You're sure to find
Unending light


Chorus (x3)
Track Name: Isaac

And with tears, I lay my baby boy down
On the altar, where I know he needs to be
With open hands and an open heart
I turn around now
And give the glory back to You

I make the journey up this mountain
Every step with a heavy heart
My little one there is so much promise
Tied up in all you've come to be
But now I know, and if I'm honest
You clearly mean too much to me
(If I) love the gift more than the Giver
Then I have truly lost my way


Every day I wake up and you're right there
In my arms
And so begins the struggle to
Lay you down again and again
The battle lines they have been drawn
Only true surrender will win this war
Letting go I know the best is yet to come


Over and over I run it through
And in my mind I gasp for breath
What I want now and what I need
Are two completely different things
A call to worship (with) no strings attached
I lay my life before You here
Safer hands, I'll never find
To gain my soul, I'll lay him down this time

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: The Illusion of Control (feat. Anne-Marie Jane)
It always comes with a price
Don't tell me that it's too high,
When you're buying (x4)

The illusion of control (x4)


When you let go
You'll find the freedom that you're longing for
Give up the throne
The crown's ill-fitting, let it hit the floor

This is the state we're in
Covering a storm with a teacup and calling it control
Facing the giants of life with no backbone
The dirt will have its way
As it crashes down on your shallow graves
Seems the illusion of control is claiming more names

When the air runs out
And the bravado is gone
The price is too high
But you're still on the throne
Standing near the front
Doesn't mean you've won
Illusion of control is a mass misconception

I speak the truth plainly
And the truth will be heard
Control deletes freedom,
Just by speaking the words
Freely He gives,
But your hands are clenching the bars
The walls you allow, keep you from his doors

When the outcome is good,
You get all of the praise
But when the honey turns bitter,
God is the first to be blamed
This life is abundant, but only in His name
The illusion of control will leave you in shame

When you let go,
You'll stand tall on His shoulders
Reach for that star,
Because it's so much closer
The ill-fitting crowns its place at His feet
You can rest easy as He takes His seat
Find your freedom, find your freedom,
The freedom you've been longing for
There's no power (there's no power)
In the illusion of control

Track Name: Unexpected Place
We've found
Something special
In an unexpected place
Hear the sound
Close to you vibrations
Take my heart another step:
And we held hands,
Holding you was like
Nothing else I've ever felt,
Yeah when we dance,
It's like we're coming home again
Track Name: Numbered Days (feat. Itunu)

You'd better wake up from your sleep now,
We've got so much to do
You know we're living in these numbered days,
So watch take hold:

Of this life, meant for living
No more hiding away
Time to stand with the broken
Welcome home the wanderers
We were made to bring healing
Conjure life on the earth
Ease the pain of the hurting
But just where are we now?

It's getting late in the day
To be sitting around
Can't you see, the tears are falling
From her eyes to the ground
I think we're missing the point
When we just cannot see
The longing of her heart to know
What it means to be free


I'm getting tired of this
Failure to acknowledge the truth
It only takes a little indifference
To steal the hope
Once promised through you
Let us be, the answer to some prayers now
Hands and feet that go the extra mile
Reaching in to the darkest of nights
And pulling others into the dawn



Wake up!
Can't you see that hearts are breaking?
Cos there's a hunger and a thirst
Only sated by truth
Wake up!
What will it take to move your spirit?
We only get one shot at this,
Are we gonna make it count?
Track Name: When the Morning Comes (feat. Pauline Keidel)

Every little second, I wait for You
Hidden in these moments,
The hardest of truths
Longing for the morning,
For the break of the day,
Wading through the darkness,
Show me the way

Life lingers like perfume,
And now my heart aches again
Another night drifts by
And still no sign of a change that feels due
My deepest need is to remember the truth
The eternal promise is found in You



We’ll see in the light,
We’ll see when the morning comes (x2)