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Perspective is the debut full-length LP from Dr. J.

2 years in the making, it condenses the listening to and the creation of hours of music into just over an hour of electronic soul. Expect a collision of the melodic, harmonic and low frequency sound in various measures throughout! Be it the hybrid dubstep of "Before Dawn" or the downtempo crescendo of "Unspoken Words" the 2-step influenced "Trust" or the hip-hop electro stomp of "Hope Deferred", the album draws together a rich heritage of soul-inspired, bassline-driven music.

Lyrically, Perspective presents the most intimate work to date, drawing upon personal experiences to illustrate the highs and lows of a life lived and a faith tested.

The album is available for FREE if you want it, just hit "Buy Now" and set price to "zero". However, if you'd like to make a contribution, it would be most welcome and would make the production of more music possible in the future! And if you do get it for free, please don't enjoy it quietly, but tell somebody!

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released April 16, 2012

All tracks written, arranged, recorded and produced by J. Piper. Additional contributions on track 9 from Iman Djalloul.

Vocals on track 9 sung by Iman Djalloul

Vocals on track 10 sung by Lauren Hill

Additional percussion on track 11 played by Michael Topping.



all rights reserved


Dr. J UK

There's only one rule when it comes to music I make or play. It's gotta have soul.

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Track Name: Grow
One step at a time, no need to rush away
I’ve seen each tear you’ve cried, and heard you call my name


This is how we grow (And it’s not easy, but you’ve gotta know)
You are not alone (The light is leading you, keep heading home)
Always there with you (But do you trust me with your every move)
Come, I’m calling you (Follow me and see your hope renewed.)

Maybe I was too sure//Of myself and what I wanna do
Always running ahead//Not taking time to wait and be with you
Then I got it all wrong//With perfect punches beaten black and blue
One by one taken down//The substitutes that I’d been clinging to

Lying here, out on the floor
I know I’ve been here before
I’m coming round, I’m letting go,
I’m giving it all back to you



Track Name: It Begins Tonight
(Begins Tonight)
(It Begins Tonight)


So come on,
This is something we've been waiting for.
You get on,
Let's go somewhere we've not been before.


Can you feel the rhythm,
Out here on the floor?
I could do this with you,
This dance forevermore
I will hold on to you,
Point you into the light.
Let's live this life together

It Begins Tonight
Track Name: Hope Deferred
Fading away (X2)


Fading away

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
I'm looking to You now,
Cos I'm fading away.

Yeah hope deferred makes the heart sick,
I'm looking to You now,
Cos I'm fading away.

Yeah hope deferred
Yeah hope def-
Cos hope deferred
I'm looking to You now,
Cos I'm fading away.

Yeah hope deferred...
Hope deferred...
Fading away


Hope deferred makes the heart,
I'm looking-
I'm fading-
Hope de-... the heart sick,
I'm looking to You now...

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
I'm looking to You now,
Cos I'm fading away.

Yeah hope deferred makes the heart sick,
I'm looking to You now,
Cos I'm fading away.

Cos hope deferred
I'm looking to You now,
Cos I'm fading away.
Track Name: Before Dawn
You know the dawn is coming.

Joy comes in the morning.
Track Name: Trust (feat. Iman)
In many ways, I never think twice.
With the everyday, I pay no mind.
Simple things hold, great expectations.
So far above, their place or due.

In another way, I’m begged the question:
“Do you trust Me?” and “How much?”
Deeper things draw, deeper tensions.
Reflecting life that’s lived with you.


In the calm before the storm,
There is a moment of wait and see.
I just wanted you to know,
I’m holding on.
As the day rolls into night,
And then the darkness is closing in.
I will stand right here with you,
I’m holding on

Now looking back, I see more clearly.
The way things were, the way things are.
The truth unfolds, before my own eyes.
Time to stand up, and live this life!

Where I left it, is where I found it.
Safer hands, just don’t exist.
And even when, I just don’t get it;
I will never, be left alone.

Track Name: Disentanglement (feat. Lauren Hill)
I... have... been... set... free... from... you...
No... turning... back... no... holding... on

At long last, I’m cut loose.
No more ropes around, these hands and feet.
I’m untied from the grip of your barbed tongue.
Your words just stand to prove, what’s in your heart.

The dust is shaken off
The past where it belongs
My heart is with the Son
The weak has been made strong

Bridge (Twice)

And now the time has come for me,
I know the chains are gone.
I won’t be turning back again,
The healing has begun.

Now awake, to the truth,
Scaling walls that I, I never thought I’d climb!
Letting go of the things that hold me back,
Making peace again, and moving on.

I’ve hid for far too long
I won’t hide any more
My mind is being made new
And I’ve been brought to life
Track Name: Nowhere To Hide
You don't know what you're doing to me.
There is so much I wish you could see.
I still feel you though you're far away.
"How much longer?" are the words I pray.

My heart aches at the thought of you.
Part of me whispers, "I wish she knew."
I know this is in my Father's hands.
It's on His faithfulness I'll stand.

I think I'm falling for you.
And now there's nowhere to hide.
I'm left here counting these moments,
And laying down my pride.
Oh to be wise and discerning,
And let patience lead and guide
Not waking love from its sleep, now -
It's all a matter of time.