So Much More​/​Future Glory

by Dr. J

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A FREE single looking at the fallacy of image and behaviour projected by society and media on young people (particularly young women, but the principle apples broadly). It features TJ and myself on vocal duties (though I've always seen myself as more of a poet than a rapper) and it tells a story of blindness to the truth, but also an affirmation and the opportunity of restoration of what's been taken away. Both the vocal and instrumental are available along with the heavy ambient dubstep B-side, Future Glory.


released June 13, 2011

1. Written by Piper and T. Djalloul. Arranged and produced by J. Piper
2. Written, arranged and produced by J. Piper
3. Written, arranged and produced by J. Piper



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There's only one rule when it comes to music I make or play. It's gotta have soul.

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Track Name: So Much More (feat. TJ)
Dr. J:

It's a shame that you've living out a stereotype
Because you've made your bed and you've believed the hype
And it's all well and good saying that you're 'free'
But a life in darkness means you can't see
These bright lights and billboards tell you what you should be
Selling this dressed as hope: false security
But when the clothes fit better than you do anywhere
You're left alone wondering if you should care

So watch your world drift by with your inherited dreams
While using ways and means to dull the piercing screams
You know the scars that you carry need some deeper healing
But you settle for the fix that just numbs the feeling
Cover gaping wounds with a tiny plaster
Try and block it all out, maybe live life faster
Hide behind the make-up, your painted wall
Don't you know that you're setting up for a fall?

You know you've listened to so much coming out of TV
And so often it's just robbing your integrity
Spreading lies that steal the value that was yours before
While keeping hope, joy, peace and love behind locked doors
So as I look and see a heavy, broken heart
Taken for a ride, even from the start
I break a silence allowed to reign too long
And you need to know the truth because:


You don't know what you're worth
You are so much more
How can I help you see
How things are meant to be?


Sat there, you don’t realize
He made a special prize
Running around playing a game
That you know aint got an aim
Bad qualities your imperfections
Even more beauty inside you
Lost in the world don’t need to hide
It’s ok his satisfied
Not knowing worth
You roll around, play in dirt
Nothing, just a dirty rock
But polish it up you’ve got a diamond
You’re feeling trampped, mad with rage
But you know you built the cage
He’s screaming out calling at you
Stop, listen, ignore your fears
All the things society tells you
Even more comes from your peers

(He’s reaching out calling at you)
Sit up and wipe you tears
(He’s reaching out calling at you)
He’s listened to all your prayers
(He’s reaching out calling at you)
He’s listening to your prayers


You don't know what you're worth
You are so much more
How can I help you see
How things are meant to be?

You don't know what you're worth
You are so much more
How can I help you see
The woman you could be?


(The saddest thing, is that you don't know
Just what you're worth, and it breaks my heart) (x2)
(There is one thing, that you need to know
Just these five words: "I will always love you.") (x2)